Our Team

We're essentially a small group of software developers who have been working together now since 1997. As a team, we've collaborated well over the last 20 odd years and found a working formula which allows us to streamline our activities and work effectively.

We also work with a select group of external associates who we bring in based on the specific requirements of any given project.

These associates are not only skilled co-workers but also well rounded professionals in their own right. In fact, many are themselves successful business owners, each in their respective fields. Notably, their knowledge and expertise in areas such as professional business coaching, graphic design, branding, e-marketing and SEO, complements our core focus on software development, and brings together an interesting mix of people and ideas. They are a joy to work with and offer valuable input to the projects they are involved in as part of our extended team.

If we end up working together on your project, then you'll be talking directly to one of us. There are no intermediary sales reps or middle management to go through. No doubt, this is a good thing because you'll have direct access to the people actually doing the job; and we're in the best position to catch issues early on, advise on best practices and make sure that we not only complete your project correctly, but hopefully surpass your expectations in a way that will validate your initial decision to work with us in the first place.

We do all our software development in-house which allows us to control the quality and performance of our solutions at every level. Our team structure ensures direct communication, transparency and immediate feedback as well as a level of responsibility and commitment that underscores who we are, and that you won't find easily in larger organisations.


Constantinos Pashiardes

Director, Senior Programmer

Andreas Mavromichalis

Senior Programmer, Web Developer

Maria Pashiardes

Project Management