United To End Female Genital Mutilation (UEFGM)

Online Training Course

November 2012

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Website: www.uefgm.org

United to END FGM (UEFGM) is a free-of-charge e-learning tool, offering information and practical advice about female genital mutilation (FGM).

Primarily designed for health and asylum service staff working in Europe, the course will also be of use to NGOs, including women’s organisations and shelters. The UEFGM course has three main aims:

  • To improve the support and treatment offered to women and girls in Europe living with or at risk of genital mutilation, by encouraging a more specialised gender- and culture-sensitive approach in the healthcare services.
  • To strengthen the skills needed to maintain a high standard of decision-making in protecting FGM-affected and/or at-risk women and girls seeking asylum.
  • To bring about the greater harmonisation of the European Asylum System, by highlighting relevant European and international treaties and legislation protecting FGM-affected and/or at-risk women and girls.

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