Established in 1997, Polymedia is an information technology company based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

We consist of a team of experienced and professional software developers focused on creating applications for both the Windows platform and the Web, as well as cross-platform apps for mobile and tablet devices.


Our track record

So far, we've developed solutions for government institutions, international organisations and European Union funded projects as well as many corporate websites and business applications for the private sector.

We can think as big as you need us to, yet continue to offer the speed, agility and personal attention that is traditionally associated with smaller software agencies.


A culture of value innovation

We truly enjoy what we do and thrive on taking innovative ideas to market. In designing our software, we focus on implementing an architectural approach that keeps our solutions relevant, flexible, and easy to use.

We strive to make things simple, yet not at all simplistic.

This is an ongoing interative process.

In this light, our products are constantly evolving so as to incorporate new trends, technologies and best-practices.

This implies a culture of continuous learning, feedback and review within our company. Ultimately, we work to build long-term business relationships with our clients through a culture of value innovation.


An open and honest exchange

We believe that in order to ensure success for our clients and ourselves we need to operate in a fully transparent manner. We encourage an open and honest exchange of information; we actively share ideas and seek feedback that will facilitate us in meeting our clients' changing needs and future expectations.

What's most rewarding for us is when clients begin to view us as an indispensable extension of their own business.


Our clients

Our clients are our best advocates. In fact, a large proportion of our work is derived from repeated business and direct referrals. We are grateful to all our existing customers who have entrusted us with their ideas, vision and business objectives, and are proud of the many projects we have so far brought to fruition.

We treasure the long term relationships that have been formed along the way and look forward to the ones to come.


Looking ahead

Software development and the Web is at the heart of what we do.

Cloud-based infrastructure such as Windows Azure, in conjunction with the touch-based user experience, already feature extensively in our approach to designing modern software applications.

This allows us to create fast, scalable and secure solutions that seamlessly integrate desktop, mobile and tablet apps. In doing so, we essentially bridge the gap between traditional on-premise applications, the Web and other online services.

As we look ahead, we are keen to incorporate more gesture-based and sensor-based technologies, including Kinect on the Xbox as well as solutions for wearable devices, as part of our overall offering.


Why choose to work with us?

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Our Team

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