Business Solutions

Polymedia offers a number of software solutions for business.

All our solutions are developed with an agile methodology and a modular architecture, using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur, a small business owner or a larger organisation, we can offer you flexible, reliable and affortable software solutions that will make a definitive impact on your business and the way you work.

These applications are available both as on-premise installations at your offices and as cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.

The cloud based SaaS offering gives you the ability to work from anywhere (with just an internet connection) as well as the opportunity to fully integrate the solution with your website or mobile app.

In both cases, we are able to customize the solution with added features and functionality so as to make the application uniquely yours and fit in seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure. For example, we often integrate our solutions with a client's existing line-of-business applications (or even their accounting package, telephony system and online services) so as to streamline activities and reach whole new levels of productivity and automation.


Polymedia Business Manager CRM

The management empowerment platform

Easily and effortlessly manage your people, projects and customer interactions with this simple, flexible and affordable business management software solution.

Polymedia Box-Office Ticketing

Event ticketing platform

Fully featured ticketing platform for cinema, theatre, sports and entertainment venues. Sell tickets at your box-office or through your website, mobile app and interactive kiosks.