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Event ticketing platform

 Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

With our box-office ticketing platform, you can easily manage your bookings, reservations and ticket sales, whether it be for cinema, theatre, sports or other entertainment venues.

The application runs both on-premise and on the cloud, allowing you to sell tickets through multiple sales channels including your box-office, website, mobile app or interactive kiosks.

Moreover, this application integrates seamlessly with our customer relationship management (CRM) platform so you can automatically track your customer purchase behaviour and offer personalised content, loyalty schemes and incentives.


Ticket Types

You can setup as many ticket types as you need (e.g. adult, child, invitation) together with pricing, local taxes and royalty fees (such as distributor or intellectual property fees, if applicable). These ticket types can be grouped into "schemes" and assigned to events in any combination you need. For instance, you may have a special discount on Thursday nights, or different pricing for premier events.

The application uses a granular approach so you can even define specialised single-use pricing schemes for specific special events.

General & Seated Admissions

We cater for both scenarios and even allow for a combination of both.

  • General Admissions - An event has a given capacity and tickets can be sold until full occupancy is reached.
  • Seated Admissions - An event has a seating plan and each ticket sold is assiged to a specific seat. You can setup pricing zones and restrict the ticket types allowed on each seat.

Reservations & Sales Bookings

How you use this is up to you, but based on the specific way you work, a booking can pass through various stages including the following:

  • On Hold - Seats that are reserved for internal use or held for future allocation to VIP guests.
  • Reserved - Seats that are "reserved" but have not been paid for yet, and therefore may be released at a later date.
  • Sold - Seats that are fully booked and paid for by the customer.
  • Released - Seats that were originally reserved (but not paid for), and are now released due to lack of interest/response by the customer.

Of course there are also the following:

  • Locked - Seats that are temporarily "locked" so as to allow a customer to complete their online booking. If this online booking is not completed successfully within a given timeframe, these seats will be automatically released and made available to others.
  • Cancelled - Bookings that have been specifically cancelled by the customer. The seats are now available to others.

Seating Plans

The seating map designer allows you to create as many seating plans as you need. You can also create unlimited zones and each seat can be defined to accept only specific ticket types. For events that use seating, users can interact with the map and scroll, pan, zoom and select the seats they want to buy.

Online Bookings

The ticketing platform can be fully integrated with your website or mobile app. When selling online, you have the flexibility to restrict the zones and seats that can be booked, as well as the time period in which online bookings will be accepted (for example, the system can be set to accept online bookings up to 2 hours before the start of the event).

Touch Point-of-Sale

The application includes a carefully designed point-of-sale interface for quick ticketing sales at your box-office. This interface is touch-based and has been designed to offer the fastest possible experience for the most common scenarios (e.g. a customer wishing to purchase tickets for the next upcoming event).

Printed Tickets or Print-At-Home

There is a variety of ticket layouts and dimensions already built into the system. Furthermore these can be customised to your exact needs. If you are using online sales channels (such as your website or a mobile app) then a print-at-home version of the booking and tickets can also be issued and automatically sent to the customer via email.

Email & SMS Marketing

You can keep your customers informed about upcoming events through personalised marketing campaigns via email and SMS messaging. To further facilitate this process, we have created interfaces with various online gateways so as to provide additional functionality and insight when tracking your marketing statistics and performance.

Reporting & Analytics

We have included a comprehensive list of management reports for everything you will need. These reports present data in both statistical and graphical formats. For instance, you can analyse your sales data by period (day, week, month, year), venue, production / series, production company, exhibitor and distributor, to name but a few.

We also include specialized financial reports for summarizing your government sales tax, local taxes and royalty fees. Of course, if you need additional reports we can always build them for you or you can use the custom report designer to create your own.

All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF and dispatched via email from within the system. Daily key perfomance indicators (KPI) and sales figures can also be sent automatically via SMS.

More interestingly the application includes a flexible pivot grid analysis tool that allows you to query your data in an unlimited number of ways. For example, you can investigate seasonality (by month, quarter or year) or regional sales performance (by town, district or country) or even a combination of both.


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