Why choose to work with us?


You may be thinking that to ensure success, big software projects require large teams and even larger budgets. This simply is not the case.

In our experience, small teams can indeed tackle big challenges with a fast, iterative and agile approach to software development.

What is needed is a solid team of experienced and professional senior developers with a proven track record in understanding and transforming business processes.


Maybe you are an entrepreneur thinking of starting a new online venture? A small business owner wanting to invest in technology to improve the way you work? Or maybe you're a senior manager working for a large organisation who wishes to innovate and gain a competitive edge?

Either way, your financial and human resources are valuable to your business and choosing the right people to work with is an important decision that you'll need to consider carefully.

Referring your project to a large vendor will most likely mean higher costs (both initial and recurring) as well as added layers of complexity in terms of communication, procedures and formalities. On the other hand, working with a freelancer introduces higher volatility and unpredictability given the uncertainty of whether they will be available when you need them in the future to continue supporting your project. This is a trade-off faced to a greater or lesser degree by all projects needing some form of continuity.

So why not just get the best of both worlds?


What we offer is stability, expertise, reliability and affordability!

We've been around now for almost two decades. In this time, we have developed many solutions for local businesses, international brands, large financial institutions (including banks) as well as government agencies.

With us, you won't have to go through any intermediary sales people or account managers. There are no extra layers of management between you and the people who will actually get the job done.

All our developers are experienced in system analysis and are highly involved at all stages of the project lifecycle. These are the people you will talk to directly, since they are in the best position to understand your goals, spot early any issues or discrepancies in your requirements, and find the best solutions to address your business challenges.


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